Friday, December 31, 2010

It's that time again...

Some of you know, but most of you probably don't.. that New Year's is my like my favorite holiday!  I love that everyone wants to get together and celebrate all of the good, and forget all of the bad, and the 31st is the day to do it.  Everyone gets out of the house, meets with friends and family... I love the feeling I get on this day.. where I know that in less then 24 hours a whole new year is beginning.  It could be a year of new beginnings, new possibilites, new goals... or, if you're content with the way things are... just celebrate everything good.   I usually have several "New Year's Resolutions" - but this year, I really haven't thought much about it... I mean, Sean and I have both said we are going to try to be healthier.. and hopefully quit smoking.  I also bought Sean and I both a one year study bible, and the Fireproof book - so I hope that we can both take the time each day to study, and pray and get closer to God, and as a couple. 

As for me, this year has been a weird one.  I learned a lot, made some new friends, lost some old ones.. learned what it is like to have a roommate - that sucked.  Learned how much Sean and his entire family mean to me, and I found out what my life would be like without any of them - again, that sucked.  I think Sean and I have taken our relationship to an entirely different level this year.  Things are so completely different then they have ever been before, and it's such a great feeling knowing that you have that comfort in someone. 

I learned how badly it hurts to loose a loved one.  I mean, I have lost friends, and family members.. but I think that this year, as an adult was the first time I have ever lost someone that I loved so so so much.  I am sure that Aunt Louise is hanging out in Heaven right now.. having a blast.  She is drinking coffee, and eating pig ears and turnip greens.. and laughing, oh, I bet she is laughing so hard.. she always had the best laugh!  She was sick and in pain for a very long time, and I know she is pain and  worry free now.  I also learned what it is like to have the largest panic attack of my entire life - when I got the call that an ambulance was coming to get my mother because she was having a heart attack.  That was a horrible feeling, and I am thankful that God has given her another chance at this lifetime - and I pray that she is actual making an effort.

So, I have had good and bad.  I have had up and down - but regardless of either, I am so excited to ring in the New Year with the people that I love tonight!  I can't wait to see everyone, and have a great safe night.. and then spend the day tomorrow watching football and eating turnip greens & black eyed peas :)

I hope that everyone has a blessed, and prosperous New Year, and a fun, but safe New Year's Eve!! 

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  1. Me and Jon also started the Love Dare book! We had to put it on hold because we are not together everynight anymore, but I cant wait to pick it back up. It really did change they dynamics of our relationship.